About Us

Granting Others Dreams (G.O.D.) seeks to meet the financial or physical needs of individuals and families facing difficult life circumstances beyond their control – loss of job or home, disability, or other unforeseen interruptions to daily life.

If you’ve ever watched the evening news or read a newspaper, it’s pretty clear that there’s no shortage of loss and grief in the world. A fire ousts a family from their home. A car accident permanently alters a life forever. A family loses their home because a parent lost his or her job. We hear stories like this all the time.

Heartbreaking stories like these are what prompted the founders of Granting Others Dreams to take action to restore hope.

Granting Others Dreams, established in 2010 as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, seeks to be a tangible messenger and purveyor of hope. We exist to help individuals and families rebuild their lives. Through charitable and benevolent giving we Help People Have Hope!